Exciting Announcement

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Rafter M Training Stables announces the addition of two missouri foxtrotter horses to the farm.  These two horses will be offered for sale Oct 1, 2019 on Magic Horse Auction. com.  We will be starting these horses and trainging them for the next year and a half so that you will be able to follow along and see the progress these horses will make.  Both are registered Fox trotters, both were hand picked by us for this purpose.  We will show their training, shows, events and even their job as we go throughout the training process.  These horses will be used to sort cattle, will work at the Ozark Regional Sale Barn, they will also show in western pleasure, trail ride as well as a few other things we have in mind.  At the end of training they will be superior horses that are ready to make someone an awesome horse!  Follow along and watch for the progress!!!


Spring Show at Ava Missouri in the Cattle Sorting June 2017 Black Cat and Mike finished 3rd with Joy on Mr. Missouri also Black Cat finished 7th and 8th with other riders.  There were 104 teams in the sorting.  Visit www.Foxtroturbane.com to see his point standings!

red roam fillie

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