Confidence Courses Overview

Welcome to the Mike Meizler Confidence course for Rider’s. The purpose of this course is for you to gain control and confidence in your abilities. There is no time limit for you to complete the course, however at completion you will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment from Rafter M Training Stables!!!

I want you to enjoy getting to know your horse and spending time with them. Some of the tasks are simple, I included them because I felt they are necessary for good communication and safety for both you and your horse. This course builds self confidence and I would never be critical of you in any way. I want to see you blossom and grow until you are ready to take on the trails with your trail partner. Clothes and tack do not matter.

I understand many of you have had accidents and feel you need a personal trainer to help you overcome some obstacles in your past. These have caused anxiety and fear. I want you to overcome that fear. Many people have overcome many situations in their life that were life changing. A bad injury, an experience to someone else also affects you as a person and your confidence.

Life is about taking Lemons and making Lemonade, that’s what we are going to do. You are going to overcome your bad experience and grow to become a horseman or horsewoman. You need tools in order to do just that! I am giving you the tools to become the confident rider that’s inside you.

How The Course Works

Watch each video and complete the task before moving on. Send me a video of you completing the task. I will watch and either pass you or you will receive feedback from me. You will go back to your task and resubmit your video for review. Then on to the next step.

So, Welcome aboard! I hope you will learn, enjoy and build a relationship with your horse that will last for years to come. Once this course is completed you may want to continue to learn and progress. Sign up for the Intermediate Course, Advanced Course and then the Advanced Trail Course. Each of the courses is $200.00. Only the Confidence Course 1 is up and running as of now. Check back for the release of the additional courses. Please submit your videos on messenger to Mike Meizler or Email them to

Course Level 1 is $200.00 There are 10 Lessons to complete

Level 2 and Level 3 courses will be available as well as Obstacle challenge course.

Natural Horsemanship is a gift to both horse and rider that continues to give for a lifetime!