Horses For Sale

FOR SALE: updated 6/25/2019

This is a 5 year old Registered Missouri Foxtrotter he is a Gelding and stands 16 hands. Perfect for the taller person or someone who likes to have a big sturdy solid horse under them! Trail horse ready to take you to the trails for a wonderful ride! $6,000.

This 5 year old Palomino Gelding is 15’1 and a beautiful horse.  The picture below shows him leading a ride about a year and a half ago.  He is a calm, gentle type of horse that is trail smart. Blizzard’s Cooper. Video’s to come..4172802219 for more information. Experience the awesome ride of the trail walk, flat foot walk, foxtrot, lope.  This horse has all the gears to make your trail ride one to remember.  He has also been shown in western pleasure.

Coming for Sale in September 2019 2 year old Missouri’s Kid Rock.  He has already won a team sorting event this year at Sedalia Missouri! He is level headed, calm, willing to do whatever you ask of him.  Kid Rock has already been used at the cattle sale barn penning cattle.  He is also already accruing points in Foxtrot Urbane!!! After the Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 shows at Ava, Missouri he will be listed for Sale!

He is out of our Stallion Mr. Missouri and he certainly has Mr. Missouri’s willing attitude! This colt is a one of a kind horse, Size, Mind, Personality and talent not to mention he is drop dead gorgeous.  Training for Trail, Obstacle challenges, team sorting and roping. I have never had a colt this willing to do anything you ask.  HE is a WINNER!!! He has won a team sorting and he has won an Obstacle challenge with 18 obstacles.  He is the calmest, gentlest, kindest colt you will find with all the experience of an older horse.   Look for him available late September 2019!

We also have a 2 year old sorrel gelding, 5 fillies from yearlings to 3 yr old. The 2 year old has been started.  Colors in the fillies are sorrel, black actually she is a Rabicano (which has a few white hairs in the flanks and tail head it’s a roan like effect only on a part of the body), grey and one that we still haven’t determined!  Our best guess is Grey. Sometimes they will change a couple of times before the final color arises! Select yours today! Pictures to follow

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